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  • 04.02.2018


    Removed some unintended features

  • 25.10.2017

    Bet Templates

    A second type of bets has been added

    Templates can now be created for bets

  • 21.09.2017


    Streamers can now create rewards which can be redeemed by viewers

    Some minor fixes and codebase improvements

  • zzzZZZzzz

    Other projects

    Our team developed a starcraft 2 community site. Check out

  • 23.04.2017

    Major Update

    A live MMR progression overlay (for sc2) was added

    Bets were reworked and the foundation for more flexible bets is laid

    Multiple small changes to the points- and VIP-System were added

    A lot of additional small changes and fixes happened

  • 15.04.2017


    Honybot is secured via HTTPS

  • 19.03.2017

    MMR dependent quotas

    Streamers can now enable automatically calculated betting quotas for Starcraft 2 based on their opponents MMR

  • 27.02.2017

    Starcraft 2 Game List

    Viewers now see stats about and a list of all Starcraft 2 games played with HonyHelper active

  • 27.02.2017

    Automatic Title Updating

    You can now specify a title that is refreshed every 2 Minutes with up to date stats like your MMR or current opponent

  • 03.02.2017

    Starcraft Games

    SC2 games played with HonyHelper active are now saved to database

  • 28.01.2017

    Closed Alpha Started

  • 05.01.2017

    New Look

    Website has been completely redesigned

  • 31.12.2016

    User Handling Update

    Users now log in via

  • 28.12.2016

    Backend Update

    Settings can now be changed more easily

  • 7.12.2016

    Counters added

    Custom counters can now be craeted and increased/decreased via commands

  • 6.12.2016

    HonyHelper 2on2/Archon Support

    HonyHelper now also starts bets in 2on2 and Archon games

  • 30.11.2016

    Betting stats added

    Honybot is now again collecting stats about bets

  • 20.11.2016

    !rank added

    Shows the streamers current sc2-rank including mmr and other stats

  • 12.11.2016

    Viewer Page

    Viewers can now check their currency and other stats outside of chat

  • 11.11.2016

    Chat Statistics

    Honybot starts to gather stats

  • 8.11.2016

    !matchup added

    Shows opponents name and race if an sc2 bet starts.

  • 8.11.2016

    Custom Commands

    Custom Commands can now be created in the backend

  • 7.11.2016

    Command Overiew

    Overview page for all available commands has been added to the backend

  • 1.11.2016

    No more Whispers

    Due to limitations, whispers have to be removed

  • 30.10.2016

    !throw added

    Users can now throw points which are randomly distributed to other viewers in chat

  • 27.10.2016

    HonyHelper is released

    Bets for Starcraft 2 can now be started automatically

  • October 2016

    Ladderbot becomes Honybot: A Web-Application

  • 2015

    Honybot is called Ladderbot and is still a desktop application