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October 25, 2017

Bet Templates are here!

As we announced last week, we have a completely overhauled betting system, which allows us to bring bet templates to you! You can create your own templates selecting from 2 different types:

  • Bet with multiple options
  • Estimation bet

Option Bet

Create a bet with multiple options users can choose form. Each options has is own quota and a (small) description.

Estimation Bet

Create a bet where users will estimate the outcome. You can set the winners to be an absolute amount of betters (e.g. 3) or a percentage of betters (e.g. 0.33 = 33%). The winner with the worst estimate will get the base quota (e.g. of 1.8), while the quota will increase (e.g. by 0.1) the closer the estimate is to the outcome. For a detailed example, check last weeks post.

Resolving A Bet

To end a bet you just use the commadn !endbet [option] and !endbet [value] respectively.

If you ideas for more types of templates just hit us up @Honybot and we will look into implementing them. We hope that you like this new feature and are looking forward to turn even more of your viewers into happy gamblers :)

- Holly

October 17, 2017

Preperations for new betting system
Also: Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

In preperations for our new betting system which we hope to roll out at the end of this week, we are releasing a small update for bets. Only a few minor things will change for now:

  • !bet [option] [amount] will not work anymore
  • !bet [amount] [option] will be the correct way to bet
  • !startbet pubg is a new betting type

More detailed information about all this will follow with the full release at the end of this week. But here is how PUGB bets work:

If you start a bet for PUGB using !startbet pubg, users will be able to bet on any number value they want (!bet [amount] [place]), to take a guess on which place you will finish the game. If you died (or won the game) you can end the bet with !endbet [place] (e.g. !endbet 10). Currently the best 33% of users who participated in betting will be chosen as winners (all of this will be customizable in the future of course). The user who is the furthest away from the correct palce (but still a winner of course) will get a quota of 1.8, the second worst a quota of 1.9, ... increasing by 0.1 the better they are.

Example - Finshed Rank Is 10

User Bet on place Distance Rank Quota
Cheeser 67 57 9 -
KillerQueen 95 85 10 -
Holly 10 0 1 1.9
Bert 7 3 4 -
Gunni 25 15 6 -
Pete 9 1 2 1.8
TheDestroyerxX 9 1 2 1.8
asdf 1 9 5 -
Treb 66 56 8 -
Slayer 35 25 7 -

(There currently is a bug when (e.g.) top 3 betters are winners but place 3 and 4 guessed the same place. One of them will be "randomly" selected as winner. This will be fixed in the next version)

We hope you like our new additions and we look forward to this weeks major update. We wanted to put these changes out as soon as possible since betting for PUBG was a heavily requested feature. If you find any bugs, let us know @Honybot or @HollySC2.

So far

- Holly

September 24, 2017

Introducing Rewards

It has been possible for quite a while now, that streamers could create custom commands which users had to pay points for to use. This feature has been used as a workaround to creating rewards like challenging the streamer to a round of starcraft or for a chill game of 2v2 together.

The biggest problem with this approach was that streamers could lose track of who used the command, which is now solved with REWARDS.

Streamers can create and update custom rewards which can then be redeemed by viewers. A reward has the following properties:

  • Title
  • Command - used in chat by a viewer to redeem the reward
  • Response - used to give feedback to the viewer in chat
  • Icon
  • Description
  • Cost
  • Required VIP Level

Redeemed rewards are listed with all important information. Streamers can delete redeemed rewards they have fulfilled. A viewer can also add a comment by simply typing a message after the command.

A streamers page now has an additional rewards section so your viewers know exactly which rewards exist.

We hope that rewards will bring you even closer to your community

- Holly