Make your chat more interactive with Honybot

Honybot is a twitch chatbot designed to make your chat more interactive and fun for viewers. We offer a multitude of cool, engaging and highly customizable features specifically designed to bring you closer to your community. Our exclusive Stracraft 2 features will make your life easier as ever before.

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Rewards new

Create your own custom rewards. Viewers can redeem these rewards, for exmaple playing a round of Starcraft with you, or anything else you want to offer to your viewers.


Reward your viewers for their dedication with your own custom currency. YOU can decide when, and how much your viewers will get. Don't want that? Just turn it off.


Our VIP-System is designed to reward your most faithful fans. Tag them with custom ranks, give them bonus currency and offer them unique features to use.

Bets imroved

Let your viewers bet on everything you can imagine by creating custom bets. They can even be automated so you can focus on the most important thing: Your stream!

Starcraft 2

Honybot provides powerful tools for all Starcraft 2 players. Check your rank, auto-update your stream title, and automatically start bets. Streaming SC2 has never been so relaxed.

Custom Commands

Create your own commands however you want them. Want a special command for VIPs? Sure. Want a command to cost currency? No problem. Only moderators should be able to use it? It's all up to you!


Want to count your failed games in Starcraft? Or maybe your deaths in Dark Souls? Perhaps you want a poll to start after your 10th death on where to go next? You can do all that and more with custom counters.

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Commands Used
Viewers Seen

Cloud Hosted

Honybot is hosted on our servers. No need for you to download or install any additional software. You're always online and ready to go with the push of a button.

Mobile Friendly

You want to control Honybot with your smartphone or Tablet? Our application is mobile friendly and can be operated effortlessly with any common mobile device.

Actively Developed

Honybot is still in development. New features, patches and updates are applied regularly. You have some ideas on how to improve Honybot or got an idea for a cool new feature? Just let us know!

100% Free

Honybot won't cost you a dime and never will.

Honybot is a great addition to the stream - my viewers really enjoy collecting Fritten . I especially love how generous everyone is when someone is short of a few Fritten right before they hit the next VIP level.
- Miezekotze
I've been using Honybot for all my streams. It helps me interact with my viewers and increases the viewers engagement in my games.
#bet all win
- Railgan

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